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Dreams Do Come True With These Dreamy Packages!
We're Indie

1) We're Indie “Coming Up” Package - $25

1.) For $25, We're Indie offers the “Coming Up” package. This is our Starting package this is okay it doesn't offer as much as the $50 package (We'll get there) In the “Coming Up” package you will get a website looks like this ArtistName.wereindie.com Plus you get Distribution through our alliance, putting you on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Red etc. so that you can make money from royalties today! Then you choose… With the remaining $11 we can do some target promo, one month… than we can get you gigs the next. It really all depends on what you want that month. We are limited with $25 a month. With that said Lets look at the “Up Next” package.

2.) For $50 you get the We're Indie “Up Next” package. This takes you and puts you on the DJ's next list. It is a best value pick, website ArtsitName.WereIndie.com, and distribution from the last package included. We get to work with you a little more on this package this allows us to do Intro Branding so we can help build the image that is going to retain the fans we will build together. You get hours of dedicated gig searching through channels all around the country. Possible radio play, promo that is targeted! 20 dedicated man hours of work a month put into your talent to give you the edge you need in a competitive industry!

3.) For $100 the We're Indie “Red Carpet Premier” Package! This one excites me! You get a website a branded Website of your very own without Wereindie.com at the end! Hours of dedicated brand building a value in today’s market that could cost some 1500 an hour! Promo to lots of places, social media marketing/managment to build lots of eyeballs… Gigs gigs gigs for everyone!!! This package allows us to land you the gigs that are gonna boost your local fan-base! Distribution to all the main channels, plus radio station submission all across the country. Let us help you because we are made for that. With a mix of digital experiance on top of real world experiance. We are here to take you as an independt artist to the level you wanna be at. We do Seo, socail media, dostro. AND THE LIST GOES ON! The things we have to offer could just as easily be sold to big payers but we want to pass on our hardwork to the people that count to us!

Yours sincerely,

Hunter Maxwell (CEO)

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